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Sheree-Ann Adams

Sheree-Ann Adams

Sheree-Ann Adams is a ‘Caribbean Girl’ who currently resides in Southampton England with her British husband. In addition to working on her PhD, she continues to represent the activity company in Grenada which she founded in 1997 in the capacity of co-owner and tourism adviser.

Her passion for knowledge and travel had taken her to seven of the world’s continents including the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctica She is passionate and loves to share her travel experiences with anyone who would listen! She is also known for her quirky love of dolphins and is always adorned with some form of dolphin jewelry.

Her professional career has focused on the Travel and Tourism Industry, where has been actively involved in Grenada’s Tourism development over the past twenty years. Her primary focus has been the successful positioning of destination Grenada in the soft adventure product niche for both the cruise ship passenger and stay-over visitors to the island. Until May 2006, she served in the capacity of Board Director with several key tourism organizations including the Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association and The Grenada Board of Tourism. Industry experience includes Cruise Lines (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines), Hotels (Rex Resorts), Destination Management Companies (St. Lucia Reps & Sunlink Tours) and SME’s (Adventure Tours – Grenada).

She has a diverse academic background which includes Hotel Management from Barbados Community College, Tourism Management at the University of the West Indies (Barbados & Bahamas) and Environmental Management for Conservation and Recreation at Sheffield Hallam University. In 2009 she researched the sustainable tourism environmental initiative of Carbon Neutral Destinations in partial fulfilment of a MSc. in Tourism Management at Bournemouth University.  She is currently pursuing a PhD in Responsible Tourism Management at the International Center for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) at Leeds Metropolitan University in England.

Her PhD explores the role of sustainability information on the perceptions and holiday decision making of UK Cruise Passengers.  Most studies focus on the Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of operating cruise ships within various destinations and less is known about the cruise passenger.  Applying the quantitative research method of Conjoint Analysis to embarking passengers at England's Port of Southampton, the research examines consumer preferences and trade-off in relation to key cruise holiday attributes with the aim of determining the impact of global issues such as climate change and corporate responses notably Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility, has on the choice of cruise options. Using Choice Based Conjoint Analysis (CBC) software developed by Sawtooth Software Inc., in-direct survey questions will be applied. This method has been credited with the ability to reduce social bias associated with direct survey question methods and is conducive to larger sampling sizes which are associated with more accurate statistical data.  This will be the first time this methodology will be applied within academia to examine the Cruise Consumer’s choice preferences.

For further information about Sheree and her research you may contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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