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Suzanne Jervis

Suzanne Jervis

Suzanne Jervis is a Doctoral student at North Carolina State University studying Sensory and Consumer Sciences under the guidance of Dr. MaryAnne Drake.  Her PhD is focused on creaminess and satiety in dairy products.  Suzanne received her MS degree in Fall 2011 and she has two published manuscripts from her MS thesis.  Suzanne has received two grants from Sawtooth Software Inc. during her career.

  The focus of the first study was to determine the attributes that drive choice of latte-style coffee beverages using the techniques of choice based conjoint (ACBC) and ethnography.  The second study will be an adaptive choice based conjoint project focusing on the attributes that drive choice of whole grain breads.  Suzanne is also a lead sensory analyst for the Sensory Service Center at North Carolina State University.

S.M. JERVIS, K. LOPETCHARAT and M.A. DRAKE 2012. Application of ethnography and conjoint analysis to determine key consumer attributes for latte-style coffee beverages. J. Sen. Stud. 27(1) 48-58.

S. JERVIS, R. CAMPBELL, K.L. WOJCIECHOWSKI, E.A. FOEGEDING, M.A. DRAKE, and D.M. BARBANO 2012. Effect of bleaching whey on sensory and functional properties of 80% whey protein concentrate.  J. Dairy Sci. 95(6) 2848-62.

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