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Anna Budrevich

Anna Budrevich

Anna is a PhD candidate at the University of Augsburg, Germany, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit. She has worked almost 3 years as IT consultant, and has prior graduate school training in Business Administration with majors in Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and E-Business. She is interested in examining how venture capitalists’ reactions vary with regard to different levels of competence of technology specialists’ in a founding team.

One of her research projects is titled “Evaluation of Technology Competence by Venture Capitalists: Criteria That Matter”. This study mimics the genuine decision making processes by venture capitalists and aims at deriving utilities for technology specialist’s different attributes as part of a founding team. As literature shows, acquiring funding from venture capitalists is a well-established criterion of nascent ventures’ success. Thus, zooming in on the factors that influence the investment decisions of venture capitalists’ is of high importance and practical relevance.

Anna is also interested in providing important insights into the process of start-up team selection that can potentially serve as guidelines for the development of educational programs in the areas of Entrepreneurship and Information Systems, and intends to complement prior studies on technology-based entrepreneurship by uncovering the specifics of technology competence evaluation.

To learn more about Anna’s work and experience you can visit her page at LinkedIn.

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