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Simon Nüesch

Sebastian Karrer

Simon's Master thesis is located in the field of entrepreneurial finance. To his knowledge, it is the first study that develops a milestone based valuation model for pre-turnover start-ups. The goal is a model to predict the value of pre-turnover start-ups, based on the most important milestone investment criteria, such as working prototype, (attributes) compiled from research and practitioners with each having three level. Since financial data is missing, investors try to assess the risk profile of a start-up by the number of already hit milestones under the assumption that the likelihood of first revenues increases with each milestone fulfilled.

Simon successfully founded a Start-Up and got a first financing round. He was in charge to gain investors for our business. While doing so he noticed that most investors use a kind of gut feeling although they focus on a reduced subset of criteria. As he still needs to finish his Master Degree he thought it might is best to deepen into this topic. First to give Business Angel a better idea about how they actually act and second to help start-ups to understand their counterpart and increase the probability to get financed. Finally, he is establishing a great network within the German Business Angel Scene and therefore can collect a unique dataset.

Simon can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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