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Sebastian Karrer

Sebastian Karrer

Sebastian is a 26-year-old Management & Technology Student at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. Currently he is finishing his Master of Science. He is interested in electric vehicles and how to implement them in an efficient way into the energy system.

At the Chair of Management Accounting he is writing his Master’s Thesis about Smart Home Energy Management Systems (SHEMS). The System is defined as a system coordinating at least one electric vehicle and a photovoltaic system. Further the integrated of a stationary battery storage as well as household appliances is possible. To identify different customer segments in context of product preferences and motivations, he is preparing an online survey including a Choice-Based Conjoint and a Maximum Difference Scaling.

The target group of the survey will be electric vehicle owners, as such a system could increase their self-consumption rate of their solar energy in a great measure. Further the system ensures emission free driving using the electric vehicle and would reduce the stress of the energy system. To reach as many electric vehicle owners as possible he could convince The Mobility House to promote his survey in their newsletter and on some electric vehicle blogs.

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