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Pricing and Ordering 2018

To request a quote, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In addition to the product you wish to purchase, include your name, company name, address, and phone number.

Suite Subscriptions Component Subscriptions Academic Subscriptions

All software is sold as a 12-month subscription. Free technical support, maintenance, online hosting for data collection*, and upgrades are included. Prices are in US dollars. Each subscription is for the exclusive use of a specific, named individual and may be transferred upon approval by Sawtooth Software.

Suite Subscriptions

Suite Subscriptions are discounted combinations of Sawtooth Software products and services. There are four types of suites: the Standard Suite, the Premium Suite, the Premium Suite Plus, and the Discover Suite. We also give multi-user discounts. Once you have purchased once a 10-User Suite Subscription, additional users may be added at $3,090 for the Standard Suite, $3,690 for the Premium Suite, and $3,990 for the Premium Suite Plus. For example, an 11-person Standard Suite Subscription would be $30,900 + $3,090 = $33,990.

Suite Subscriptions 1 Person 5 Person 10 Person
Standard Suite
Includes Lighthouse Studio’s CBC ADM, ACBC, ACA30, CVA, General Interviewing Unlimited, and MaxDiff 500 components. Also includes the Choice Simulator, Offline Surveys, CBC/HB, CBC Latent Class, ACA/HB, CVA/HB, CCEA, HB-Reg, Discover, Online Simulator, MaxDiff Analyzer, and free survey hosting*. Everything but MBC!
Premium Suite
Includes Standard Suite and MBC
Premium Suite Plus
Includes Premium Suite, five hours free consulting, 15% off workshops and conferences
For simplified CBC (8 attributes, 15 levels per attribute) and simplified general interview surveys

Component Subscriptions

Component Subscriptions give a single user 12 months access to a specific piece of software. When you purchase a General Interviewing, CBC, ACBC, ACA, CVA, or MaxDiff Component Subscription, you are also entitled to free survey hosting*. A 30% discount is granted on the annual renewal of your Component Subscriptions (not Suite Subscriptions) if the renewal payment is received by Sawtooth Software on or before the anniversary of your annual contract.

Product Size Price Renewal
Conjoint Analysis
CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint)
Includes CBC/HB and CBC Latent Class
10 attributes, 15 levels per attribute $5,500 $3,850
CBC ADM (CBC + Advanced Design Module) 250 attributes, 250 levels per attribute $7,000 $4,900
ACBC (Adaptive CBC) 100 attributes, 250 levels per attribute $7,500 $5,250
MBC (Menu-Based Choice) 1000 attributes $6,000 $4,200
ACA 10 (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis) 10 attributes, 15 levels per attribute $2,000 $1,400
ACA 30 (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis) 30 attributes, 15 levels per attribute $4,000 $2,800
CVA (Conjoint Value Analysis) 30 attributes, 15 levels per attribute $2,000 $1,400
General Interviewing
General Interviewing 50
Included for free with CBC, ACBC, ACA, CVA, and MaxDiff subscriptions
50 data fields $0 $0
General Interviewing 100 100 data fields $1,750 $1,225
General Interviewing 500 500 data fields $3,400 $2,380
General Interviewing 1000 1,000 data fields $4,500 $3,150
General Interviewing Unlimited unlimited data fields $6,000 $4,200
MaxDiff (Best/Worst Item Scaling)
MaxDiff 30 (for up to 30 items) and MaxDiff Analyzer 30 items $2,000 $1,400
MaxDiff 500 (for up to 500 items) and MaxDiff Analyzer 500 items $2,750 $1,925
MaxDiff Analyzer Online Service
10 concurrent projects
Unlimited $500 $350
Advanced Analytical Tools
CBC/HB (stand-alone HB estimation for CBC) 1000 variables $1,500 $1,050
CBC LC (stand-alone latent class estimation for CBC) 1000 variables $750 $525
ACA/HB (stand-alone HB estimation for ACA) 300 variables $1,500 $1,050
CVA/HB (stand-alone HB estimation for CVA) 30 attributes $750 $525
CCEA (Convergent Cluster & Ensemble Analysis) 1000 variables $500 $350
HB-Reg (HB for regression problems) 1000 variables $750 $525
Market Simulation Software
Choice Simulator
Comes with purchase of CBC, ACBC, ACA, or CVA subscriptions (not perpetual licenses). Includes free access for your clients.
30 attributes N/A N/A
Choice Simulator: ASM (Advanced Simulation Module)
Half price until January 31, 2018
30 attributes $2,000
Online Market Simulator (administrators)
1-year administrator account to create and publish projects to client accounts
Unlimited $500 $350
Online Client Market Simulator
2-year user account for clients to access projects published by their administrators
Unlimited $500 $350

Academic Subscriptions

Academic Subscriptions are highly-discounted collections of Sawtooth Software products and services designed for academia. All subscriptions come with free survey hosting*. Academic Lab and Academic Research Subscriptions differ in capabilities. Visit Academic Subscriptions for full details.

Product Price
Academic Lab Subscription
Up to 50 users; 250 respondents per project
Academic Research Subscription
Up to 50 users; unlimited respondents per project

Legacy Online Data Collection Hosting Services

Subscription holders (either Suite, Component, or Academic) receive free hosting services*. Legacy license holders (purchased prior to January 1, 2015) may continue to purchase hosting services for their projects at the following rates:

Server Size First 30 Days Daily Rate
After First 30 Days
Per Completed
Lite $100 $3.33 $0.50
Basic $300 $10 $0.35
Premium $750 $25 $0.20

For large volume hosting services, contact us for special pricing.

Additional Resources

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Product Price Add
Book: Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis (3rd Edition)
The third edition of Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis is a great introductory book on conjoint analysis written by Bryan Orme, President of Sawtooth Software. In addition to explaining conjoint analysis with language that is not too technical or academic, the author explains other up-and-coming technologies such as maximum difference item scaling and menu-based choice. For individual copies, USPS Priority Mail shipping rates are $6 within the USA, $21 to Canada, and $25 to other countries.
$45 plus shipping Available at Amazon

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PDF eBook: Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis (3rd Edition)
If you want immediate access to the third edition of Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis and would like to avoid shipping charges, you should consider the PDF e-book version.
Book: Becoming an Expert in Conjoint Analysis: Choice Modeling for Pros
Bryan Orme and Keith Chrzan have assembled the practical know-how and step-by-step details that have taken them a combined fifty years to accumulate. This volume is a worthy sequel to the introductory Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis, designed to accelerate practitioners and academics who have already mastered the essentials of conjoint analysis toward the elite level. Printed copies of this book are only available from
$45 plus shipping Available at Amazon

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PDF eBook: Becoming an Expert in Conjoint Analysis: Choice Modeling for Pros
If you want immediate access to this book, and would like to avoid shipping charges, you should consider the PDF e-book version.
PDF eBook Bundle: Getting Started + Becoming an Expert
Buy both eBooks for one discounted price!


For upgrades or questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +1 801 477 4700.

*Free survey hosting covers per-respondent and standard monthly hosting fees for annual Suite, Individual Component, or Academic Subscriptions to the following authoring modules: CBC, ACBC, ACA, CVA, General Interviewing, MaxDIff, and Discover. Free hosting is limited to 50,000 maximum completes per month per organization (contact us if you need higher limits). Other services may incur fees (e.g. custom domains).

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Lighthouse Studio is our flagship software for producing and analyzing online and offline surveys. It contains modules for general interviewing, choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice analysis, choice-value analysis, and maxdiff exercises.

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Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis

New to conjoint analysis? Pick up a copy of Bryan Orme's best-selling book today!

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