Our Mission

Aaron HillSawtooth Analytics provides consulting, analytical, and survey programming services primarily to Sawtooth Software customers. We can assist you when your needs exceed the scope of the free technical support we offer with our software systems, or when you need additional resources to help you design, analyze or interpret a survey.

We aim to be a resource, not a source of competition, to Sawtooth Software users. In addition to just doing the work you need, we can also train you to perform the same or similar procedures without our help in future projects — no inflexible branded systems or secret black boxes! If the need arises, we can also arrange custom modifications of our software systems.

Sawtooth Analytics has the expertise to help you with your conjoint projects, of course, but also with a wide variety of non-conjoint projects, from brand research to segmentation and from concept testing to customer satisfaction.

We can provide evidence- and experience-based advice on every phase of the research from design through analysis to reporting and we provide analytical support as needed.


Selected Examples of Project Work We Do

  • Assisting with a difficult conjoint/choice analysis study designs
  • Menu-Based Choice studies, including bundling vs. a la carte pricing
  • Providing a customized software solution for a conjoint/choice interview that exceeds the capabilities of our off-the-shelf systems
  • There’s always something new and many problems call for unique conjoint design solutions, another way Sawtooth Analytics can support you
  • End-to-end design through analysis to reporting for conjoint, pricing, segmentation, customer satisfaction and brand image studies
  • Providing general survey methodology assistance to help with survey design, including sample size determination, scale selection and questionnaire design
  • Lending analytical support for all sorts of non-conjoint marketing research including brand image studies, segmentation studies, customer satisfaction, pricing, and concept testing studies
  • Applications of Maxdiff to new measurement domains


Selected Methods Available

  • Conjoint and choice experiments
    • CBC
    • MBC
    • ACBC
    • ACA
    • Maxdiff
    • CVA
    • Various specialized conjoint models
      • Models mixing stated and derived preferences
      • Models incorporating attribute non-attendance
      • Moderated choice experiments
      • Best-worst choice experiments
      • etc.
  • Predictive models
    • Correlation/regression analysis
    • Robust regression analyses for ill-conditioned data
    • Logistic regression
    • Multinomial logit
    • Lexicographic choice models
  • Segmentation
    • CCEA Cluster analysis/ensemble analysis
    • Latent class analysis
  • Perceptual mapping
    • Discriminant analysis
    • Multidimensional scaling
    • Correspondence analysis
  • Advanced statistical testing
    • Non-parametric statistics
  • Psychometric analyses
    • Factor analysis
    • Reliability analysis
  • Sample size and power analysis


Our Team Members

Keith Chrzan, SVP, Sawtooth Analytics

Keith has nearly 30 years of marketing science experience in a variety of client, supplier and consulting roles. Most recently Keith was Senior Vice President/Chief Research Officer for Maritz Research where he led the marketing sciences division, developed new design and analysis products and conducted tests of new developments affecting the research industry like mobile data collection, neuroscience and behavioral economics.

Prior to his decade at Maritz, Keith managed the marketing sciences department at IntelliQuest, Inc. His client side appointments include two years at Bayer Inc. working in the consumer packaged goods industry and four years in the medical diagnostics industry working for Boehringer Mannheim Diagnostics where he ended up as Director of Marketing Research. Keith also ran his own consulting firm, Exponential Marketing Analytics, which specialized in research for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical diagnostics clients.

Keith majored in Philosophy of Religion and English at Notre Dame and earned his MBA in Marketing from Indiana University; while at Indiana, Keith completed additional graduate coursework in multivariate statistics, experimental design and psychometrics.

Keith is a regular presenter at technical conferences like the AMA's Advanced Research Techniques Forum, the INFORMS Marketing Science Conference and of course our own Sawtooth Software Conference, where he has presented at every event since 1990. He also presents at more general marketing research conferences like AAPOR.

Aaron Hill, Senior Consultant, Sawtooth Analytics

Aaron is a familiar voice to many Sawtooth Software users.  Since joining the company in 2001, he has headed up our client services, sales, and training operations.  Over the years, he has helped thousands of customers field countless conjoint analysis projects on virtually every conceivable topic.  He also heads up Sawtooth Software's training seminars, teaching conjoint analysis courses to private companies, at public seminars, in webinars, and at universities around the world.  When he's not helping clients, Aaron plays a key role in product development and management at Sawtooth Software.

Aaron majored in Travel & Tourism Management at Brigham Young University, and worked as the Director of Sales & Marketing for a boutique hotel management company for several years.  He eventually went back to school, and received his MBA from Brigham Young University in 2001.  His MBA internship was with Dow Chemical in Midland, Michigan.

Additional personnel:

  • Bryan Orme, senior consultant
  • Megan Peitz, consultant
  • Bruce Bastian, consultant
  • Brian McEwan, consultant
  • Jefferson Forkner, consultant
  • Nathan Bryce, consultant
  • Kenneth Fairchild, consultant
  • Rich Johnson, methodological advisor


How to work with us:

We do not wish to respond to RFPs which would lead us to compete with current Sawtooth Software users.

Call Aaron Hill at +1 801 477 4700 or Keith Chrzan at +1 219 921 9215 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your particular project needs.