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Auto Upload

Once your web server has been configured to run Perl you are ready to upload your survey files. With the click of a button SSI Web will upload your study and set all of the file permissions.

SSI Web can upload your project to a web server (Field | Upload Study Files) to publish your questionnaire to the Web. This web server can be your company's server, a rented server, or Sawtooth Software's servers (we offer a hosting service for SSI Web questionnaires).

When you click Field | Upload Study Files, the Upload Study Files dialog is shown:

You may have multiple servers that you use, and each server's FTP (File Transfer Protocol) configuration can be stored within this dialog. When you open a different project in SSI Web, any server configuration information you have entered for other projects (on your same computer) is shared and made available. Click Add... to add a new configuration, Edit... to edit an existing configuration, or Delete to delete a configuration.

Each project must be uploaded to its own folder on the server. If you try to upload a project to a folder already containing an SSI Web project (at the root level), SSI Web will warn you of this and not proceed.

Use the Remote Study Folder (Optional) to create a new folder for the current SSI Web study on your web server. For example, specify study1 to place your study within the study1 folder on your web server.

If you are using a common cgi-bin for your studies, click Don't upload cgi-bin.

Use Field | Prepare for Manual Upload if you want to save a copy of all the files to be placed on the server so you can manually upload the project using your own FTP software.

When you click Add... or Edit... to add or edit a server configuration, the Add Account dialog is displayed:

Your ISP, Sawtooth Software hosting service, or your IT department will provide you with the Host Name, User Name, and Password needed to connect with and save files to your server. The Host Name provides the location of your server, and the User Name and Password log you into that server. We encourage you to use strong passwords that include a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters, and are at least eight characters long.

Advanced Settings

When you click Advanced, the Advanced Server Configuration dialog is displayed:

FTP Connection
determines how auto upload will copy your files to the server. Normal is the standard network protocol for uploading files with no security. Over SSL is an extension to FTP that will securely upload your files using Transport Layer Security (TLS) or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) if your server supports FTPS or FTP-SSL or FTP-Secure. Over SSH uses the Secure Shell protocol 2.0 (SSH-2) to securely upload your files if your server supports SFTP or Secure FTP or tunneling FTP through an SSH Connection.

Transfer Mode determines how the connection is established. Passive Mode is the default settings on most servers, and should also be used if your computer is behind a firewall. Sometimes, you will be asked to use a different Port number from the default. If you have been given a Port number, specify that here. Active Mode tells the server to initiate the connection to your computer using the specified range of ports.

How Respondents and Survey Administrators Access the Survey

Once you've uploaded your project to the Web server, you'll need to know how respondents can access the survey and how you access the survey to manage and download the data.

We'll assume that your webserver has associated URL: and that the Remote Path you used (to create a folder for your study) was study1. We'll also assume that your study is named mystudy1.

  • Respondents can open the Start page by browsing to:
  • If you want respondents to be able to click a link that automatically logs them into the questionnaire and bypasses the start screen, see instructions on one-click access in your software help files.
  • You can download respondent data by clicking Field | Download Data.
  • You can access the Admin Module to manage and view your data by browsing to:

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