Test Survey Checklist

  • Verify that data is being saved
    Take a test survey making sure that all of your answers are saved. Log into the Admin Module to verify that you can see your data. Download and export your data. Make sure to do extra testing on Free Format questions and any questions that contain custom JavaScript or Unverified Perl.
  • Test in multiple web browsers
    Test in multiple web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.
  • Look for JavaScript errors
    Make sure that your web browser is displaying JavaScript error messages. This is very important because sometimes JavaScript errors can cause your data not to be verified correctly and could result in missing data.
    • In Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced. Under "Browsing" check "Display a notification about every script error."
    • In Firefox you can install the Firebug plugin. This plugin is very useful for displaying JavaScript errors. It is also useful for debugging JavaScript among other things. I.E. and Chrome also have "Developer Tools" that can help in this area.
  • Make sure all practice data is removed
    Make sure to go into the Admin Module and click Reset Survey before going live. This will remove all of your test data records etc.
  • Test conjoint studies through to analysis
    If your survey contains conjoint exercises, you should take the survey several times and run a sample utility estimation to make sure things run as intended. This is especially important for the adaptive methodologies and/or when you have prohibitions. For version 8.2 and higher of SSI Web, we have a data generator utility built into the software. For version 7, we have an unofficial (not covered by our free technical support) data generator available in our Tools & Scripts section.