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1987 Conference Proceedings

These are proceedings of the sawtooth Software Conference at Sun Valley, Idaho in March, 1987. The conference topics were Computer Interviewing, Perceptual Mapping, and Conjoint Analysis. There were approximately 250 participants.

The speakers were not asked to provide written versions of their talks; rather, their remarks were recorded and transcribed. The informal nature of some of the papers adds to their freshness.

Anyone who has seen an unedited transcription of his spoken words is likely to be distressed. Even the most fluent of us seem to speak in incomplete sentences, dart off on tangents, and mix up our cases and tenses. Most of the editing of the transcriptions was done by Carol Potera, with the assistance of the authors. The editing and production process required about four months. Next year we will try to abbreviate this by asking our speakers to provide written versions at the time of the conference.

We think the information in this volume will be of use to a wide range of readers. We thank our speakers for their thoughtful presentations, and we invite our readers to comment. In particular, we will be grateful for any suggestions about how to make future conferences even more successful.

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