How are the licenses arranged?

We offer annual subscription licenses for suites and individual components. A suite is a discounted collection of popular individual components. Suites are sold in one-user, five-user, 10-user, or 10+ user versions. For each user, the software may be installed on as many machines as needed by that user. Users sign in to use the software. A user is one person. Multiple people may not share a user account. The seat may be transferred within your organization to another person after notifying us of the change.


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SKIM Software

9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Central European
(GMT+2; GMT+1 Autumn/Winter)
Monday through Friday

Phone: +31 10 282 3500
Fax: +31 10 282 3560

Lighthouse Studio

Lighthouse Studio is our flagship software for producing and analyzing online and offline surveys. It contains modules for general interviewing, choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice analysis, choice-value analysis, and maxdiff exercises.

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