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Do you offer video hosting services?

My company is working on incorporating videos in our SSI web surveys. Does Sawtooth offer any sort of hosting for videos and other multi-media? Or would we need to host a video elsewhere and use JavaScript to embed the video in the survey?

At the present time Sawtooth Software does not provide streaming video hosting services. It is a fairly complicated process that we prefer to leave up to the video hosting experts, like YouTube or Vimeo. However, it is quite possible to use one of these third-party providers in conjunction with a SSI Web survey. Let me explain what this process looks like.

First, you need to know that SSI Web surveys are encoded with the HTML 4 standard by default. That means that video playback is a little more cumbersome than it will be with the up and coming HTML 5 standard. When you upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo, you can get an embed code snippet for use within your survey. Make sure you choose the HTML 4 option. You can also mark the video as private, so no one can find it without a direct link to the video. These services will also serve up the right type of video, since some browsers and computers only display one type of video while other browsers or computers only display other types. Furthermore, they serve up the proper size or quality of video depending on the user's bandwidth. Therefore, we'd recommend just using their code snippets within a survey rather than hosting the video file from within your study's Graphics folder.

If you want to use HTML5 in SSI Web 8 and later, you may. All you need to do is change the HTML DOCTYPE attribute to <!doctype html> in the Survey Settings > Advanced tab. Then your survey can use the HTML features, assuming they are availabe in the respondent's browser. This website, by they way, is written in HTML 5.

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