Displaying and Storing MaxDiff On-The-Fly Scores

I'm using SSI Web 8: MaxDiff. After the MaxDiff exercise has been completed but right before it terminates, I want to display the results of the MaxDiff exercise and its on-the-fly logit scores, rounded to the nearest thousandth place. I have 10 items in my MaxDiff. I also want to store those scores so I can access them later. How do I do this?

After your MaxDiff exercise, create a new FreeFormat question on its own page, right before the termination page. Let's name this question: resultsff. In the HTML section under the Variables/Question HTML tab, paste the following code, substituting the ExerciseName for the name of your MaxDiff exercise.

The first half of the code displays the results on the screen, rounding the scores to three decimal places (thousandths). The second half stores the results into variables, rounding to five decimal places (hundred thousandths). You do not have to round the numbers—this code simply illustrates how to do it.

You will need to add the variables to the Variable Names section. These should be hidden/text variables. In this example, the first variable is named resultsff_otf1 and will store the on-the-fly logit scores for the first item in your original item list. Repeat this nomenclature for all 10 variables.

<p>Here are your on-the-fly logit score results for this MaxDiff exercise. 1=Most Preferred, 10=Least Preferred.</p>

	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName,  1) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName,  1)),3) %]) </li>
	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName,  2) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName,  2)),3) %]) </li>
	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName,  3) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName,  3)),3) %]) </li>
	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName,  4) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName,  4)),3) %]) </li>
	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName,  5) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName,  5)),3) %]) </li>
	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName,  6) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName,  6)),3) %]) </li>
	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName,  7) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName,  7)),3) %]) </li>
	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName,  8) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName,  8)),3) %]) </li>
	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName,  9) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName,  9)),3) %]) </li>
	<li> [% MaxDiffRankAttLabel(ExerciseName, 10) %] ([% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,MaxDiffRankAttValue(ExerciseName, 10)),3) %]) </li>

<input name="resultsff_otf1" id="resultsff_otf1" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,1),5) %]">
<input name="resultsff_otf2" id="resultsff_otf2" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,2),5) %]">
<input name="resultsff_otf3" id="resultsff_otf3" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,3),5) %]">
<input name="resultsff_otf4" id="resultsff_otf4" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,4),5) %]">
<input name="resultsff_otf5" id="resultsff_otf5" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,5),5) %]">
<input name="resultsff_otf6" id="resultsff_otf6" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,6),5) %]">
<input name="resultsff_otf7" id="resultsff_otf7" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,7),5) %]">
<input name="resultsff_otf8" id="resultsff_otf8" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,8),5) %]">
<input name="resultsff_otf9" id="resultsff_otf9" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,9),5) %]">
<input name="resultsff_otf10" id="resultsff_otf10" type="hidden" value="[% Round(MaxDiffScore(ExerciseName,10),5) %]">

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