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Modifying Currency Based On Country

I'm using your SSI Web program (version 7) to do a study. I will be sending it to customers in several countries. I have a question at the beginning to identify which country the customer is from. Then I’d like to present the conjoint in their country’s currency. "Price" is one of the attributes in the study and I have lists created for each of these countries (i.e. "PriceGermany") with specific price points in their currency. How do I do this?

One way to do it is to use Unverified Perl in your level text. For instance, place the following code into your price attribute level 1 and see what happens.

[%Begin Unverified Perl 
if(VALUE('Country')==1){ return "1 Yuan"; } elsif(VALUE('Country')==2){ return "1 Mark";} elsif(VALUE('Country')==3){ return "1 Euro";} elsif(VALUE('Country')==4){ return "1 Yen";} elsif(VALUE('Country')==5){ return "1 Won";}
End Unverified%]

Or, formatted in multi-line code:

[% Begin Unverified Perl
if(VALUE('Country') == 1) {
  return "1 Yuan";
elsif(VALUE('Country') == 2) {
  return "1 Mark";
elsif(VALUE('Country') == 3) {
  return "1 Euro";
elsif(VALUE('Country') == 4) {
  return "1 Yen";
elsif(VALUE('Country') == 5) {
  return "1 Won";
End Unverified %]

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