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CCEA Version History

What is CCEA?
CCEA is a system for convergent cluster and ensemble analysis.
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We strongly suggest using the latest version of CCEA.
CCEA 3.2.3 (11 Jan 2018)

This version fixes an issue with respondent filtering. This can occur if the locale set in the software used to read CSV files is different than the machine’s locale. Decimal values are not converted to numbers correctly.

CCEA 3.2.1 (20 March 2014)
  1. Change: Support for Academic Research licenses has been added.
CCEA 3.2.0 (4 March 2013)
  1. Feature: CCEA will now accept alphanumeric IDs in the data file.
  2. Bug: CCEA v3.1 would not display all available menu options such as Save in the menus.
CCEA 3.1.0 (17 September 2012)
  1. Feature: CCEA will now run in 64-bit mode on 64-bit versions of Windows.
  2. Feature: CCEA now has the option to set the locale used for reading CSV files. Previously it used the system locale.
  3. Change: CCEA has been updated to use newer licenses similar to CBC/HB v5. Please contact Sawtooth Software for a new license file free of charge.
CCEA 3.0.12 (22 October 2010)
  1. Feature: CCEA now relabels output to match previous solutions. This feature was present in versions of CCA, but was not initially implemented in CCEA.
  2. Feature: CCEA now saves the standardized and/or centered variables to csv files.
CCEA 3.0.10 (14 April 2010)
  1. Bug: The program would crash during analysis if user-specified start groups contained outliers.
CCEA 3.0.8 (11 December 2009)
  1. Bug: The program would crash during ensemble analysis if more groups were requested than the number of cases.
CCEA 3.0.6 (27 October 2008)
  1. Bug: There was an error when using a variable where there was no variation in the responses.
  2. Bug: Controls did not correctly resize when Windows' dpi setting was set to Large Fonts.
CCEA 3.0.4 (25 June 2008)
  1. Bug: There was an error in reporting the tabulation of adjacent solutions in the ensemble report.
CCEA 3.0.2 (9 June 2008)
  1. Feature: The data file tab now shows the system locale, which indicates the format in which CSV data are expected.
  2. Change: Minor changes to documentation.
CCEA 3.0.0 (1 June 2008)
  1. Feature: New Windows Interface, eliminating all text-only control files.

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