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What is Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA)?

Conjoint Analysis has become one of the most widely-used quantitative methods in Marketing Research. It is used to measure the perceived values of specific product features, to learn how demand for a particular product or service is related to price, and to forecast what the likely acceptance of a product would be if brought to market.

Conjoint analysis has often been limited by the data collection methods available. In a study covering many attributes, respondents are sometimes provided with too much information to consider thoroughly. The scope of many studies has also been constrained by limitations in respondents' time and attention. ACA moves beyond those limitations by adapting the interview for each respondent. Early in the interview the computer learns enough about each respondent's values to focus on those areas of importance to that respondent. This results in broader scope, since more attributes can be tested. Even more important, the data are often of higher quality, since respondents are more interested and involved in the task.

Sawtooth Software's ACA System is integrated within our Lighthouse Studio platform, and includes a 10 data field introductory license for CiW (for general online questions). Larger CiW licenses may be purchased for more extensive interviewing.

Our ACA System contains everything you need to execute a conjoint study:

The Interviewing Module is easy to set up. You just enter the attributes and levels for your study, make some selections from a menu of interview features, and customize pre-written interview text to the subject of your interview. You have complete font and color control, and can even include graphics to describe attribute levels. The larger ACA license can handle up to 30 attributes, each having as many as fifteen levels. If you want to collect other information, such as demographic or other background data for market segmentation, you can do so by including an ACA questionnaire as part of a larger CiW survey.

Utility Estimation is an automatic part of the ACA interview. Respondent utilities are calculated during each interview, without researcher involvement. Simulations can be run as soon as the last interview is completed. The utilities can also be used to identify preference segments using our Convergent Cluster Analysis System (CCA).

The Market Simulator is at the heart of what conjoint analysis is all about. It lets you conduct "what-if" analyses of your own and competitors' products. You can simulate changes in product or service features, add products to the market, and study results for specific market segments.

Lighthouse Studio

Lighthouse Studio is our flagship software for producing and analyzing online and offline surveys. It contains modules for general interviewing, choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice analysis, choice-value analysis, and maxdiff exercises.

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