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CPM Version History

What is CPM?
CPM is a method for analyzing data about respondent perceptions and preferences to produce a "product map". A product map is a graphic representation of the ways people perceive products in terms of underlying attributes, as well as an aid in understanding their preferences.
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We strongly suggest using the latest version of CPM.
CPM 2.2.14 (9 February 2010)
  1. Bug: Map generation fails under Windows 7.
  2. Change: The demo version now allows up to 10 products instead of 4.
CPM 2.2.12 (9 October 2009)
  1. Change: The CiW import is now compatible with SSI Web v6.6 and SSI Web v7.
CPM 2.2.10 (1 February 2008)
  1. Bug: In some cases, using repondent filters would crash the system.
CPM 2.2.8 (30 October 2007)
  1. Change: The CiW import is now compatible with SSI Web v6.2.
CPM 2.2.6 (18 July 2007)
  1. Feature: Without a license CPM will function in demonstration mode.
CPM 2.2.4 (27 April 2007)
  1. Bug: The CiW import is now compatible with SSI Web v6.
CPM 2.2.2 (18 April 2007)
  1. Change: Updated to work with the .NET Framework 2.0 and Windows Vista.
  2. Bug: Corrected minor UTF-8 issues.
CPM 2.2.0 (21 Mar 2006)
  1. Change: Management of User Ids has changed to allow import of new .userid files.
  2. Bug: Corrected limitation issues for lab licenses.
  3. Bug: The Duplicate, Remove and Rename buttons are enabled when the Generate Maps dialog is displayed and there are no map profiles. Clicking one of the buttons causes an error.
  4. Bug: An error occurs when trying to save to a read-only file.
  5. Bug: The main window would not appear after closing the application while it was minimized.
CPM 2.1.1 (19 Oct 2005)
  1. Feature: lab license allowing 10 products and 15 attributes is available to qualified educational institutions.
CPM 2.1.0 (23 Mar 2005)
  1. Feature: A new CiW v5 template and importer have been added.
  2. Feature: The amount of whitespace around a map is now variable (previously maps always occupied 80% of the map space).
  3. Change: The ASCII importer now accepts floating point data.
  4. Change: Respondent filters now accept floating point data.
  5. Bug: There was an error in the way maps were generated from previous maps. This bug is present in CPM v1.x and v2.x.
  6. Bug: If generation of a map fails, closing the map could crash the program.
  7. Bug: If loading a previously saved map or resetting a map, the display size menu may be incorrect.
  8. Bug: Profile settings would be displayed without any profiles present.
  9. Bug: Selecting from the most recently used list may result in the wrong study loading.
CPM 2.0.1 (12 Oct 2004)
  1. Bug: While importing data from Ci3, when extracting ratings of products on attributes for each respondent, the last product's ratings are incorrectly determined to be missing. The corresponding row in the PCP file will contain all zeros.
CPM 2.0.0 (8 Sep 2004)
  1. Initial Release

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