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Title Author Hits
Statistical Testing Super User Hits: 631
Dominance in CBC Designs: How Big a Problem and Can We Fix It? Keith Chrzan Hits: 499
Interpreting the Results of Conjoint Analysis Nathan Bryce Hits: 502
Choice Experiments for Pharmaceutical Market Research (2015) Bryan Orme Hits: 22782
Perceptual Choice Experiments: Enhancing CBC to Get from Which to Why (2015) Super User Hits: 22462
The Random Regret Minimization Choice Modeling Paradigm: An Introduction with Empirical Tests (2014) Nathan Bryce Hits: 23882
Scale Constrained Latent Class (2013) Bryan Orme Hits: 14117
Discover-CBC: How and Why It Differs from Lighthouse Studio’s CBC Software Bryan Orme Hits: 20569
Using Choice-Based Conjoint To Assess Brand Strength and Price Sensitivity (1996) Super User Hits: 5451
Using Conjoint Analysis in Pricing Studies: Is One Price Variable Enough? (1992) Super User Hits: 5245
Getting the Most from CBC (2003) Super User Hits: 5652
History of Sawtooth Software's CBC Program (2011) Super User Hits: 4297
The Benefits of Accounting for Respondent Heterogeneity in Choice Modeling (1998) Super User Hits: 4302
Comment on Huber: Practical Suggestions for CBC Studies (2004) Super User Hits: 4503
Special Features of CBC Software for Packaged Goods and Beverage Research (2003) Super User Hits: 4168
Predicting Actual Sales with CBC: How Capturing Heterogeneity Improves Results (1999) Super User Hits: 4311
Fine-Tuning CBC and Adaptive CBC Questionnaires (2009) Super User Hits: 6328
How Many Questions Should You Ask in Choice-Based Conjoint Studies? (1996) Super User Hits: 6537
Extensions to the Analysis of Choice Studies (1997) Super User Hits: 4090
Achieving Individual-Level Predictions from CBC Data: Comparing ICE and Hierarchical Bayes (1998) Super User Hits: 3857
Learning Effects in Preference Tasks: Choice-Based Versus Standard Conjoint (1992) Super User Hits: 4121

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Lighthouse Studio is our flagship software for producing and analyzing online and offline surveys. It contains modules for general interviewing, choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice analysis, choice-value analysis, and maxdiff exercises.

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