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Conjoint Analysis
Web-based survey creation, fielding, and analysis tool for CBC, MaxDiff, and general interviewing.
Lighthouse Studio: CBC (Choice-Based Conjoint)
Most popular conjoint method today. Choices mimic purchase process. Often used for pricing research. Includes CBC-HB, CBC-LC.
Lighthouse Studio: CBC ADM (CBC with Advanced Design Module)
The version of CBC includes a module which extends the capacities and capabilities of the base CBC system, including alternative-specific designs, shelf display, and partial-profile.
Lighthouse Studio: ACBC (Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint)
Our newest and most sophisticated approach for choice-based conjoint. Creates an interactive and customized experience for the respondent. Recommended for experienced conjoint researchers.
MBC (Menu-Based Choice)
Advanced discrete choice modeling software for multi-check menu studies. Includes logit and HB modules, plus simulations (including Excel simulation option).
Lighthouse Studio: ACA (Adaptive Conjoint Analysis)
Computer interview customizes experience for respondent. Especially useful with many attributes.
Lighthouse Studio: CVA (Conjoint Value Analysis)
Traditional full-profile conjoint method. For few attributes and fixed design plans. Paper-based or computer-based data collection.
General Interviewing
Lighthouse Studio: General Interviewing
General interviewing for the Lighthouse Studio platform. Includes the following question types: select, numeric, open-end, grid, Free Format, etc. Integrates with conjoint modules within Lighthouse Studio.
MaxDiff (Best/Worst Item Scaling)
Lighthouse Studio: MaxDiff (Maximum Difference Item Scaling)
Best-Worst technique for measuring the importance or preference of multiple items (brands, features, ad claims, political platforms, job-related factors, etc.).
MaxDiff Analyzer (Annual Subscription)
For analyzing results of MaxDiff experiments. Includes TURF simulation routine for finding optimal groups of items that appeal to/reach respondents.
Advanced Analytical Tools
CBC Hierarchical Bayes (CBC/HB)
Hierarchical Bayes estimation for CBC.
CBC Latent Class
Latent Class estimation for CBC. For finding and modeling needs-based segments.
ACA Hierarchical Bayes (ACA/HB)
Hierarchical Bayes estimation for ACA.
CVA Hierarchical Bayes (CVA/HB)
Hierarchical Bayes estimation for CVA.
CCEA (Convergent Cluster & Ensemble Analysis)
For finding clusters (groups of respondents that are similar on the basis variables) using data supplied in a simple .csv file format.
HB-Reg (Hierarchical Bayes Regression)
Hierarchical Bayes estimation for general regression-based modeling.
Market Simulation Software
Choice Simulator
A powerful, feature-rich, Windows-based tool you run on your computer. Replaces many of the functions of the legacy SMRT software.  Free with purchase of CBC, ACBC, ACA, or CVA subscriptions. Not available for separate purchase.
SMRT (Sawtooth Software Market Research Tools)
Windows-based platform that includes ACA, CBC, and CVA for conjoint analysis. Free with purchase of CBC, ACBC, ACA, or CVA subscriptions. Not available for separate purchase.
ASM (Advanced Simulation Module)
Add-on to our powerful PC-based market simulator for automated product optimization searches.
Online Simulator for Administrators (Annual Subscription)
Web-based conjoint simulation tool for analysts.
Online Simulator for Clients
Web-based conjoint simulation tool for clients to view simulations created by administrators.
CCS (Client Conjoint Simulator)
Affordable client version of our PC-based market simulator.


Additional Resources

[Book] Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis: Strategies for Product Design and Pricing Research (3rd Edition)
The third edition of Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis is a great introductory book on conjoint analysis written by Bryan Orme, President of Sawtooth Software. In addition to explaining conjoint analysis with language that is not too technical or academic, the author explains other up-and-coming technologies such as maximum difference item scaling and menu-based choice.
[Book] Becoming an Expert in Conjoint Analysis: Choice Modeling for Pros
Bryan Orme and Keith Chrzan have assembled the practical know-how and step-by-step details that have taken them a combined fifty years to accumulate. This volume is a worthy sequel to the introductory Getting Started with Conjoint Analysis, designed to accelerate practitioners and academics who have already mastered the essentials of conjoint analysis toward the elite level.

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Lighthouse Studio

Lighthouse Studio is our flagship software for producing and analyzing online and offline surveys. It contains modules for general interviewing, choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice-based conjoint, adaptive choice analysis, choice-value analysis, and maxdiff exercises.

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