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Full name: Bryan Orme
Organization: Sawtooth Software
Location: Orem, Utah
Website: www.sawtoothsoftware.com
About: Bryan Orme is President of Sawtooth Software.  He's been at the company for 22 years.  Bryan and his wife have 7 children.  He enjoys playing piano, travel, and scuba diving.  Bryan previously worked at market research consulting firm, IntelliQuest.  He is the 2017 recipient of the Parlin Award, granted by the American Marketing Association.

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Need your quick response on below thanks
2 days ago by Nouman Saeed
Dear Bryan Orme,

There should be an option to get GPS Coordinates in offline survey, so that we can trace interviewer for QA, other Companies offer to get offline GPS Coordinates like dooblo, nfield and many other but Sawtooth  Offline Survey fail to provide such facility.

there are many more facilities but for now GPS is important!!!!!.....if there is no any option than please provide any reasonable solution

2 days ago by Nouman Saeed