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Skip logic misbehaving

I have a question that needs to go to a certain subset of respondents. The logic is based on two conditions, the answer to the previous question and a merged field.

The "previous question" (Grid question, name q01) is a 6-pt Likert scale. The merged field is a variable name "band".

I want to SHOW q02 if (q01_r1 = 1 or 2) AND (band =7).
I want to SKIP q02 if (q01_r1 > 2) AND (band <  7).

If I do each if-condition separately the survey works as desired. When I combine, the survey does not work as desired.

So, two questions:
1) is my syntax correct? Is my SHOW/SKIP above the same thing, just different sides of the same coin?
2) can someone help?

What seems to be a simple skip is really driving me crazy at the moment.

asked Apr 5, 2016 by WTW_cal Bronze (1,535 points)

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I believe your problem is you need "OR" rather than "AND".  Since you want it to show if it meets the Q1 parameter AND the band parameter you would want to skip if it doesn't meet either of those (thus the OR).

instead of
q01_r1 > 2 AND band <  7

q01_r1 > 2 OR band <  7
answered Apr 5, 2016 by Jay Rutherford Gold (27,350 points)
selected Apr 5, 2016 by WTW_cal
Thanks Jay. It's still not registering with me, and I like to consider myself "logic-wise". It works. I'm sure it'll soak in after I step away from it for a while.
Perhaps it will help to consider all four possible options:

A and B
A and not B
B and not A
Not A and not B

You want to skip on all possibilities except the first.  What do the last three have in common that the first one does not?  They have 'not A' or 'not B.'