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Simultaneous Tying Algorithm

Hi All,

I would like to use the simultaneous tying algorithm in order to impose monotonicity constraints in a WinBugs model. Is there more information on the algorithm available / published? An example with numbers would be helpful.

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asked Mar 11, 2016 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Have you read Rich Johnson's 2000 paper entitled, "Monotonicity Constraints in Choice-Based Conjoint with Hierarchical Bayes"? You can view the paper on the Sawtooth Software website at https://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/download/techpap/hbmono.pdf.  If you still have questions after reading the paper, please write us back.

answered Mar 11, 2016 by Aaron Hill Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (10,995 points)
Thanks for the hint. Yes, I read the paper already but from my perspective it only illustrates the basic idea of "tying" parameters. I would need technical guidance how tying draws post hoc (not simultaneous tying, sorry) is done exactly.  An example with numbers would be very helpful. In the paper you are also talking about a stand alone program to perform post hoc tying. Is it possible to use this program for parameters from a poisson regression?