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How to modify the probability of different attributes?


We are currently working on a conjoint study composed of 5 attributes with 3 levels each. The last attribute relates to a kind of performance measure and we want to test 3 different design options (award, rating, slider) - again each with 3 levels.
At the  moment, we are working with 3 separate files which only differ as regards the last attribute. Is it possible to merge it all together into one file? In other words, I would like:
- to create a single file
- and ensure that respondents are allocate to the three different versions of attribute 5 with a proability of 1/3
- once allocated, attribute 5 should remain the same throughout the choice task for each respondent (each repsondent sees only the award, only the rating or only the slider).   

Hope you can help me out.
Many thanks in advance!
asked Mar 11, 2016 by Josh

1 Answer

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You can use a quota question to divide respondents into three different groups within the same Lighthouse Studio (SSI Web) study.  Once the respondents are assigned to one of the three quotas, one option would be to then three different exercises (each with a different attribute five) that are shown or skipped based on the quota assignment of each respondent.  A second option would be to dynamically change attribute five based on the respondent's quota assignment to show different stuff.  You will have to use SSI Script with UnverifiedPerl to modify the display of attribute five.  (This can be done right in the attribute and level text for attribute five or it could be done to a constructed list whose items are shown for the attribute and level text of attribute five.)

The second option may be easier to estimate utilities since all respondents will have been through the exact same exercise, but it will require a little more work upfront.

With the first option, you may need to combine all of the exercises before you estimate utilities using one of our standalone modules (CBC/HB for example).
answered Mar 11, 2016 by David Squire Silver Sawtooth Software, Inc. (5,730 points)
Thank you David. Much appreciated!!