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open same respondent again after 2 days

i want to open same Respondent interview after 2 day can you please tell me that how can i do this,

Thanks in advance

asked Mar 11, 2016 by Nouman Saeed Bronze (995 points)
As Paul said you may want to provide what your intent is for "opening" it back.  I'm assuming you have passwords for each respondent to take the survey one time? I have had occasions where I have been asked to allow a respondent to re-take the survey completely after they had completed it and eliminate their original responses, which just requires deleting the respondent through the Admin module (but keep in mind, once deleted, that data is completely gone).  Otherwise understanding your specifics, as Paul indicated, would be helpful to provide you the best solution.
Nouman, thanks for passing on the information.

So the respondent completes survey 1 and then you pass on a product to them. Then at least 2 days later you want the respondent to complete survey 2.

From what I recall, there is no time control when skipping from survey 1 to survey 2? Happy to be corrected here?

Maybe these ideas may assist you? Feel free to contact Sawtooth Software support directly at support@sawtoothsoftware.com if necessary.

I'm not sure of your field schedules here but I would do something like this ...

1/ Run survey 1 and pass on products to the respondent.
2/ Close survey 1 once you have achieved your quota(s).
3/ Extract the completes from survey 1 and use these as the sample for survey 2.
4/ Run survey 2 knowing that all respondents have had the product for at least 2 days. Send your campaign to inform your respondents survey 2 is ready to start. If you want ALL respondents to be contacted exactly 2 days after receiving the product, then you would have to extract sample daily from survey 1 and import into survey 2 and send your campaigns daily.

Note (possible automatic approach) - you can setup survey 1 and survey 2 together and skip from survey 1 to survey 2. Survey 1 would be filed as a complete when the respondent reaches the end but link to survey 2. At survey 2, you would need to control the green light for the respondent to proceed. One possibility here is to pass a time variable across from survey 1 to survey 2 (maybe use the SSI Script function SystemTime which returns a number representing the current time (number of non-leap seconds since January 1, 1970)). You could add 48 hours (172,800 seconds) to the SystemTime number and apply skip logic to it. The logic would be ...

Allow the respondent to proceed if current system time (in survey 2) is > passed system time (from survey 1)+172,800.

If not true, backward skip to intro page at survey 2.

So when the 2 day period has passed, you can proceed through survey 2. Survey 2 will then be filed as a complete without any linking.

I haven't tested this but you have me wanting to check it out.
Good idea Paul, I'd be curious to test it out as well.  A similar option would be to use some javascript that will disable the "Next" button for a defined amount of time.  I have something that I use when I need the respondent to watch a video and I disable the "Next" button until the correct amount of time has passed for the running time of the video.  This was some code that I had adapted from other threads, but would be happy to provide it if desired.
I got this to work very nicely. I came across a few hiccups along the way but got around them.

When you pass a numeric variable from one survey to another, the maximum number allowed within Sawtooth is 999,999,999. The SystemTime number exceeds this so I just took 1,000,000,000 from its value and added it back in at survey 2.

Here's a basic run down of what I did ...

1/ Setup survey 1 and survey 2.

2/ I created a pass-in field in survey 1 called "Survey1Time". I set its value using [%SetValue(Survey1Time,SystemTime()-1000000000)%]. I placed this in the footer of a question near the end of survey 1.

3/ When survey 1 was answered, I did not file away the survey as a complete or disqualify, I left it as incomplete. I then linked to survey 2 using the following link ...


4/ In survey 2, I created a pass-in field called "Survey2Time" which is equal to the Survey1Time value passed in from survey 1.

5/ When we arrived at the introduction page of survey 2, I had a skip which controlled me going forward or not. The logic was ...


What this logic says is if the current time is greater than the survey time from survey 1 (plus the 1,000,000,000 I had to add back to allow passing of that data) plus the time for 2 days (in seconds which is 172,800), then continue. For testing purposes I would use a couple of minutes.

6/ When the current time has exceeded the survey 1 time + 2 days, the survey will be allowed to proceed. You can now complete survey 2 and when you reach the end, it will be filed as a completed survey but it will then need to link back to survey 1. This link will be as follows ...


I have assume "Finish" is the question in survey 1 that needs to be linked to when jumping back from survey 2 to survey 1.

7/ So now we are back at survey 1 to finish off and file away this survey as a completed survey. No linking required at this terminate.

Note that this all works for suspended surveys regardless of whether you are suspending the survey within survey 1 or survey 2 and that's important to have that working.

If you need to see my working files Jay or Nouman, feel free to touch base with me.

Regards Paul.
Makes sense, nicely done.  I'm assuming you just used a meta tag to link to survey 2?
No, just a standard survey link as such  where I passed the password and the survey 1 time. No setting changes for meta tags.


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Nouman, could you please provide further details.

Has the respondent completed the full survey or part of the survey?

Why would you want a respondent to come back 2 days later?

I'm just trying to understand what your goals are.

answered Mar 11, 2016 by Paul Moon Platinum (80,435 points)
selected Mar 11, 2016 by Jay Rutherford