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Page and HTML Navigation

I am relatively new to html programming.

My file structure is something like this:
- html1.html
   -> page id: #page_11
   -> page id: #page_12
   ->page id: #page_21
   ->page id: #page_22

When I open html1 in Chrome, I can navigate back and forth between #page_11 and #page_12  and can also go to html2.
However, after go from html1 to html2, I can't use:

<a href="#page_22">Page 2.2</a>

...despite being on html2 in the browser.
Is there any way I can access the page bookmarks in html2?
asked Feb 9, 2016 by Alena

1 Answer

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Did you tried like

<a href="html2.html#page_22">Page 2.2</a>


<a href="#page_22>PAGELINK</a>
<div id="page_22">
answered May 25, 2016 by Mithat Bronze (4,615 points)
Good idea, thanks a million!