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Same page skip logic?

Is it possible to skip a question based on the answer to a previous question if the questions are not separated by a page break?

Is there any way to customize the server side sawtooth code from the desktop client interface outside of the documented Perl methods?
asked Dec 10, 2015 by Nick

1 Answer

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Yes you can.

If I have the following questions setup ...

[page break]
[page break]

and you want to skip Q3 if Q1=1, then add your skip in as you would normally. (e.g. pre skip Q3 to Q4 if Q1=1). If Q1=1, you will see Q2 and Q4 only appearing on the page.

If Q1 was on the same page as Q2-Q3-Q4, and you wanted skips to be implemented on Q3 based on Q1, that would require some JavaScript. In this case, you could grey out Q3 or make it disappear but these neat features would require some more complex programming.
answered Dec 10, 2015 by Paul Moon Platinum (66,185 points)