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sys_StartTime/sys_EndTime conversion

Does anyone know how to query and convert the data1 table for sys_StartTime and sys_EndTime? I need to figure out how many people are In Progress and the table marks everyone as a status=2.
asked Mar 4, 2012 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Perhaps I don't fully understand your question, but can't you just log into the admin module for your survey to see the summary?  Respondents fall into categories of Qualified/Complete (they hit a terminate/link page marked as complete), Disqualified (they hit a terminate/link page marked as Disqualified), or Incomplete (they started the survey but have not yet hit a terminate/link page).  I'm not sure how doing anything with the start time or end time would help?
answered Mar 5, 2012 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (39,170 points)
I have to create a separate 'monitoring page' for all of our studies that 'the boss' uses. One of the items I have to show is the number of people 'in progress'.  So I need to be able to pull the integer stored in sys_EndTime and compare it to the current time.

In v7, I used a custom php script that wrote certain data to a mysql table everytime a user submitted a page. To figure out who was 'in progress' as opposed to 'incomplete' I used a query that included "timediff( now( ),endtime )" . . . . that's comparable to what I need to do now with version 8's sys_EndTime
The sys_EndTime is updated everytime the user submits a page in SSI Web.  The sys_RespStatus field is as follows: 2 = Incomplete, 4 = Disqualified, 5 = Complete.