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Conference Proceedings 2015

Hi there,

I am really looking forward to the conference proceedings of this year's conference being published. Have already fixed a date for the "online-download" release? Usually the proceedings have been published some six months after the respective conference, haven't they?

asked Oct 8, 2015 by Conjoint-Friend

1 Answer

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Glad you asked...and thanks for the enthusiasm about the Proceedings!  We normally get it out about 8 months after the conference is over.  Happily, just yesterday we've finished all the editing and laying out and massaging the document.  So, in the next day or two we will have it up in our Tech Papers library.

FYI, next Sawtooth Software conference will be September 28-30.
answered Oct 8, 2015 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (148,140 points)
Perfect! That's great. Thank you very much.