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Pop-up asking if participant meant to skip question


We are working in SSI Web 6, and we wanted to try and reduce the number of times people skip by asking them if they were sure they wanted to skip after pressing skip. We have to still give them the option of choosing skip (we can't make them change their answer to a non-skip), but hope that a pop-up window asking them to verify the skip will make them less likely to press skip.

We were also given previous code if we wanted to add up the number of skips and make them answer if it was over a certain number of skips, but we couldn't get that to work either.

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asked Jul 22, 2015 by Erin

1 Answer

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Not sure of your exact question setup, but it sounds like you have "skip" as an answer choice.  If so, you can just pop in some script into the Advanced Javascript Verification section of that question.  If you had a single select question called "QM" and the first choice was "Skip" here is an example of what you would plug into that section:

if (SSI_GetValue ("QM")==1)
alert("this test worked");

If you provide more info as to the structure more help may be able to be provided.
answered Jul 22, 2015 by Jay Rutherford Gold (34,155 points)