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How to express a simple query in Skip Logic?

How to express the simple query
Type= 1.Visitor
where Type is the question in radio button settings
and 1.Visitor is the answer

in the field
"Skip if the following logic evaluates to true"
asked Jul 1, 2015 by Fany
reshown Jul 1, 2015

1 Answer

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So if this is a 'Select' question type and the name of the question is 'Type' and set as a radio button then you pretty much have it right.  You would simply define your skip as Type=1 and set it to skip to whatever question you want it to skip to.  If you are doing this on that question, you would set it as a 'Post Skip'.  If you wanted that logic evaluated prior to another question set it as a 'Pre Skip' using the same logic.
answered Jul 1, 2015 by Jay Rutherford Gold (27,350 points)
it worked! thanx for the tip :)
Still when running the test it does not skip any of the questions. I wonder why :(
Provide more details of exactly what you are trying to accomplish and I'm sure we can help get you squared away.
the typing is correct, when running the test it says "success" while before your tip it was giving me an error message.  I typed PassengerTyp=1, when the 1st answer of the question PassengerTyp is selected in my radio button choices then skip to the question ... etc. When checking the whole test I do not get any error messages. When running the test it does not skip any question!
Just to confirm, it is set as a single response and NOT multiple response?  Multiple Response would be PassengerTyp_1=1.  Also, when you are testing are you in test mode?  If so, make sure you have not selected the option to ignore skip patterns.  If none of these things are the problem then I'm sure it's just a simple logic as to where you have the skip placed and the exact instruction you are using.  Again, with a few more details I may be able to help pinpoint it if my comments have not shed any light.  If you'd like further assistance I'd be happy to take a look at your program logic, you could email it to me at jruth@isgmn.com.