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CBC design to be "manually balanced"..how do I prepare sawtooth study to send to be manually balanced?

I am very new to Sawtooth and CBC.  I have finished programming the CBC questionnaire and generated the design.  I have been informed that we will use "manual balancing" because the design is very complex.  I understand what manual balancing is, but it is unclear to me what I actually send to the firm doing the balancing (Skim).  Do I export the study in Sawtooth as a .csv file?
asked May 4, 2015 by llblome (295 points)

1 Answer

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The default way to work with our CBC software is to have our software create the experimental design.  Some advanced users (SKIM included) often create "manual designs" to use instead of the product combinations that our software can create.

To use Manual Designs, you first generate a Sawtooth Software design with the dimensionality of the eventual manual design (same #tasks, #concepts per task, #versions (blocks) ) and you export that design to .CSV format.  You can then overwrite Sawtooth Software's designs in the .CSV file with the manual design, save the .CSV, and import that design into our CBC software.

Now, when Sawtooth Software collects the data, it is handing out the manual designs to the respondents rather than Sawtooth Software's default designs.

If you are working with SKIM to do this, they'll probably request your .SSI file or maybe they'll be sending you a .CSV file with the manual design that you can import into your CBC project from the Design tab.  They should provide you instructions as they are super familiar with this process.
answered May 4, 2015 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (169,815 points)
Thank you Bryan!