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Having trouble with skip logic

I have set up a simple question, asking for where pople primarily reside, with the following answer list:
1 - Canada location 1
2 - Canada location 2
3 - Canada location 3
4 - United States
5 - Outside Canada/US

Let's say the question above is called Q1. If they select one of the three locations in Canada, I'd like them to answer Q2 where they input their postal code. If they select US, I'd like them to answer Q3 where they input their zip code. If they select Outside Canada/US, they get skipped Q2 and Q3 to the next question (let's say Q4).

I've been trying various ways to make this simple skip logic work, but I keep getting the zip code question asked at all times, or it skips the entire set of Q2/Q3.

Here's how I have the current logic set up:
Skip from Q1 if Q1=1 OR Q1=2 OR Q1=3 OR Q1=5 to Q3 (post-skip)
Skip from Q2 if Q1=4 to Q4 (post-skip).
asked Mar 18, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

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You have applied correct logic.

Try pre-skip on Q2,3,4 as:

Q2 pre skip: Q1>3 skip to next question
Q3 pre skip: Q1<>4 skip to next question
Q4 pre skip: Q1<>5 skip to next question
answered Mar 18, 2015 by Saurabh Aggarwal Gold (30,135 points)