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showing response to CBC question in the next question when there is no page break


 am trying to create a follow-up question for a CBC question. What I would like to do is the following:

1. present the CBC question
2. after the choice is being made, the follow-up question appears (e.g., select question) on the same page. Here the follow-up question will recall the response to the choice question, something like this: "You selected XXX, .....".

Would this be possible?

Many thanks
asked Mar 4, 2015 by seda
On the fly type things like this would need to be done with your own JavaScript in combination with the CBC functions used to script in the design for free format questions (http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/help/issues/ssiweb/online_help/index.html?cbcfunctions_2.htm).  You'd need to pull the value of the radio button they select into a JavaScript variable, and then when it get clicks, execute a function that pulls from the design the attribute levels from the concept they chose and writes them into the follow-up question.  You'd probably also need to use JavaScript and CSS to first hide the follow-up question, and then display it when the CBC task radio button is selected.  It probably wouldn't be too bad for someone who knows JavaScript, but it would probably take me a few hours of Googling and a lot of trial and error to get something like that working.
Thanks, Brian. Just to confirm that all CBC and follow-up questions need to be free-format questions right?
That's probably the way that I would do it just to get access to the HTML for the radio buttons and add a event listener.  I suspect it might be possible to use jQuery and not have to do free format, but this definitely isn't my area of expertise :)

The follow up question could probably be a normal question, as I believe there are some unique CSS id's you could use to do the show/hide behavior.

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