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Reporting of ACBC results


I am new to ACBC analysis. In CBC, we typically build simulator to share preference share, discounting factor etc. However, considering ACBC has BYO and screener, are there any additional analysis I can perform? For example, show non-compensatory variables etc. However, I am not aware of how to do this or where to get the data? Currently, ssi web only generate utilities which look similar to CBC.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
asked Mar 4, 2015 by Mike
retagged Sep 1, 2016 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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There is an additional option under the Analysis menu to run a counts report.  This has all sorts of extra goodies like how many times things were chosen in the BYO, must-have and unacceptables, etc.

See http://www.sawtoothsoftware.com/help/issues/ssiweb/online_help/index.html?hid_acbc_counts.htm for more info.
answered Mar 4, 2015 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (38,315 points)