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Piping subcategory ranking from MaxDiff

I have a MaxDiff item list with 16 items that includes 2 categories of items: A and B and each has 8 items. They all be shown in the same MaxDiff exercise.

We need to ask likelihood to purchase as a follow-up question ONLY for the top and bottom ranked items of category A.

Say that item 3 from category A ranked 5th in the list of 16, but it is the first of the 8 items for category A, we need to pipe the label of this item into the follow-up question. The same is valid for the last ranked item within category A.

I know how to pipe the first or last ranked item estimating MD scores on the fly, but not sure how to do it for subcategories within a list of items taking into account their own ranking within the category.

Any ideas of how to accomplish this?

asked Feb 19, 2012 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Just to answer this in case someone searches for it (we talked about this on the phone)

The solution I came up with was to build a constructed list in the order that the items were ranked using the MaxDiffRankAttValue function, i.e. ADD(Parent_List,MaxDiffRankAttValue(Exercise_Name,1) would add whatever item is the top ranked item.  Do this to add all of the items in their rank order.  Then use the REMOVE() function to remove the items that don't belong to your subset.  The net result is the subset of items in rank order, where the first item of the list should be the top item of that subset.
answered Feb 20, 2012 by Brian McEwan Gold Sawtooth Software, Inc. (38,865 points)