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Skip logic / Listbuilding - How to add a list (not constructed) depending on Yes or No-Answer

I have a question (Q1) like this:
Have you ever eaten icecream?
- No
- Yes

If the answer is yes I want to blend in a list with different flavors just below  the yes answer, so that it Looks like this:

Have you ever eaten icecream?
- no
- Yes
  If Yes, which ones do you like  (multiple answers possible)
       - vanilla
      - chocolate
      - strawberry

So far I just used a skip logic: If People choose " Yes"  the next question Q2(Which ones do you like) is shown.
If People choose "No" Q2 is skipped and question Q3 is shown.

I would be very thankful if anyone can help me! =)
asked Feb 4, 2015 by Shoel (140 points)
As Paul pointed out, to show on the same page you would need a bit of JavaScript.  However, if you need Q2 to show on the same page as Q1 you can use a bit of smoke and mirrors.  On the second page you can program an identical Q1 (name it Q1dupe) and use the SetSelect script to select the yes response and then program Q2 on the same page.  It's not as seamless as using the JavaScript to get the question to show up after they choose yes, but in a pinch it would work.
Neat trick. The negative is doubling up on the Q1 data but still a "nice to have" idea. More than anything, I like the look of those surveys that have the in-built feature where the question magically appears on the same page depending on the respondents previous actions (like clicking YES or NO to a select question or entering comments in a text box). Thanks Jay.

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This has some similarities to another recent post ...


The first point I'd like to make is your problem is easily resolved if Q2/Q3 are on a separate page to Q1. Some simple skips would need to be implemented on Q2/Q3 of course (as you indicated).

Q1 (page 1) is asked. If YES, display Q2 (page 2). If NO, display Q3 (page 2 or 3 - either will work).

If you do want Q2/Q3 on the same page as Q1, that will require some very fancy JavaScript.

I would love to see this feature implemented in a future version of Sawtooth where it can all be done on the same page without the whizz-bang JavaScript programming. And it would look great too.

If you are keen to have it displayed on the same page, you should contact Sawtooth directly for a possible solution.
answered Feb 4, 2015 by Paul Moon Platinum (67,275 points)
Thank you all oft your help!
Since I am not a programmer at all and can't use JavaScript I might try Jays trick or just stick to the simple skip solution.