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Database error. Cannot insert password data

Hi all

My client wants to make changes to a job that is currently fielding.  I have made the changes, but when trying to upload I get the following error:

An error occurred while applying survey changes.
Database error.  Cannot insert password data.
System Error: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: called with 1 bind variables when 13 are needed, line 5957.
System information
SSI Web Version 8_3_6 Perl Version: 5.010001 Database: MySQL - 5.1.73-cll Perl Module - DBI - Version: 1.625 Perl Module - DBD::mysql - Version 4.022 Perl Module - DBD::SQLite - Version: 1.27

On 8.3.6, and this one is self-hosted.  Happily, I have made a copy of the job before making the changes and was uploading to a "test" database so respondents can happily continue for the moment.

But has anyone seen this before?  What do we do next?
asked Jan 13, 2015 by Marion Bronze (3,435 points)
p.s. have, of course, managed to get everything up doing a manual upload, but still curious as to why the auto upload should pack a sad.
I think there might have been something fixed in this area in 8.3.8.  If you have a test database I'd try downloading the latest version and give the upload a go again.

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