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How can I send the same ACBC survey to 2 different groups and compare and combine the collected data for analysis?

Thank you very much !

I want to ask one more thing regarding this. If I identify 2 groups of respondents and send my survey with 2 non-unique passwords. Am I able to compare the results of these 2 surveys afterwards and also combine them to have an aggregate result? or they will be collected separately and also analyzed separately ?or is it possible to make such comparison within the same collected data, without sending it seperately ? How can I compare the data and make analysis based on the location of the respondents?
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asked Dec 7, 2014 by Mir (400 points)
edited Dec 7, 2014 by Mir

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If you use different passwords (as pass-in variables in SSi Web) to identify respondents from your two different groups SSI Web will preserve this information for later use.  You will be able to look at the ACBC results in aggregate as well as run the analysis separately for your two groups.  There is no need to send this out as two separate surveys.  

As for location, if you collect a variable that indicates location, this, too, you will be able to preserve and use subsequently to compare ACBC results for your subgroups or even to run the ACBC model separately for subsets of respondents.
answered Dec 8, 2014 by Keith Chrzan Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (90,475 points)