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one-click access to survey

Thanks again for your answer !

I think by doing this way, I will be creating specific/personal links for each respondent. However, I will apply more of a snowball approach in which I will provide just one link to people that they can also give to others. Is it still the same approach then ?

Additionally, I am just experimenting with uploading the survey. I have not added any password or so to "questionnaire access and passwords" field. Instead I used it as welcome/introduction page to my survey. After uploading it to Sawtooth Hosting server, it just provided me with a link such as
" http://example.cloudssi.com/login.html " . When I provided the link for test to a respondent, he  could access it without doing anything and I could get the results. I will have only one survey in my server, when I start distributing the survey online.
Is this a wrong approach that might cause trouble later on while collecting actual data ? or I have to go through the steps you previously provided.

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asked Dec 6, 2014 by Mir (400 points)
retagged Dec 6, 2014 by Walter Williams

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If unique survey links are not necessary in your study, that is okay. You can send a generic link to all respondents.

You do not have to define any passwords and you can use the Start question as an intro page.

You may decide you need to define some non-unique passwords because you still want to identify different survey groups (for example - PW=1111 could be sent to group A, PW=2222 could be sent to group B and so on ...).

When setting up non-unique passwords, make sure you define the password field as mentioned in the earlier forum post and manually enter in all passwords. Set the Max Respondents to a large number to allow for many respondents to go in and complete the survey.

When using non-unique passwords, the downside is when a respondent suspends a survey part way through, they will have to start the survey from the beginning when they recommence. One method that assists in most cases is to tick the "Cookies based Restart" option under the Settings tab where you defined your password. If the respondent does not have cookies enabled on their device, they will have to recommence from the beginning of the survey.

If identifying respondents is necessary to the survey, you will need to ask the identifying questions such as name or email or member number, etc.

And always test your work. Check the live experience of completing the survey as one of your respondents would and then check the data via the admin module. These steps will hold you in good stead.
answered Dec 7, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (78,075 points)