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one-click access to survey

Thank you for your answer.

I m sincerely sorry but it is still not clear to me. I also read the Sawtooth help regarding this but it simply confuses me. I didnt understand the sample fields handling part. Could you please explain further what should i do in that part to allow one-click access for respondents, before uploading my survey ? Because when I read the support manual it mentions the pass-in and merged fields for different cases. I simply want to upload the survey to Sawtooth hosting server and want my respondents to have one-click access to it. Would be sufficient to just modify the link that is given by the server with typing in studyname, username and password.

Thank you for your help once more.
asked Dec 5, 2014 by Mir (400 points)
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I'm not sure of all your sample fields but let's keep the sample structure simple for now. Assume you have a password only at this stage.

I am using v8.3.6. This is the version I am basing my assistance on. If you are using v8, you will be fine with these instructions.

When in Sawtooth, click on the key button at the top. This will take you to the sample module. You will need to define your password here.

1/ Enter a password field name - PW.
2/ Enter the data type - assume text.
3/ Tick the Masked field (if you ever typed in a password only dots will appear but this is not relevant given the password page is auto-skipped).
4/ Tick the Case Sensitive box if you want your password to take case sensitivity into account.

Down the button is a Password Data button. Click this. A new window will appear. You will see 2 fields -  PW and Max Respondents. The Max Respondents field allows you to set how many times that password can be used. In your case it will be "1" for all passwords.

You can auto-generate the passwords or import them from a CSV file.

If you import them from a CSV file, simply click on the Import button and browse for your CSV file. Your CSV file needs the very first row to have "PW" inserted. This guides Sawtooth into importing the sample correctly.

If you auto-generate the passwords within Sawtooth, click on the Auto Generate button. A new window appears and you can select how many passwords need to be generated, the number of characters a password will contain, whether you use letters/numbers and any character exclusions. If you already have sample in Sawtooth, it will ask if you want to remove the existing sample or append the new sample to the existing sample.

Click on the red tick box on the right as this will confirm there are no duplicate passwords. The word "Success" should appear. If you do have duplicate passwords, you have options to clean them up.

You can also click on the Export button to export your auto-generated passwords to a CSV file. Select your destination to save the file and an appropriate name and you're done.

Close the sample window and press OK (bottom right hand corner) to exit the sample module.

Assuming you have completed and fully tested your survey, it is now time to auto-upload your survey to your survey host. When you perform the auto-upload, upon completion, a Study Links window will appear.

A One Click Link will be displayed at the bottom that looks something like this example:


In something like Excel, you can now use the above One Click Link format and the exported password sample to create your respondent survey links. Just replace the "PW=VALUE" with "PW=(the auto-generated passwords cell)". Now you have your respondent survey links ready, insert these into your campaigns for sending out to your respondents.

Make sure you spot test a few survey links. They should all automatically take you to your survey and bypass the Start page (page 1).

If you have additional fields, you have a little more work to do. Assume you have a sample field called "CustType". When you are in the sample module where you were defining your password variable, you will notice a Pass-In fields tab. Define "CustType" and enter the variable type (text, whole number, decimal) and then an optional comment.

Exit and save your work.

When you perform the auto-upload this time, your One Click Link will look something like this:


The "&CustType=VALUE" is appended to the end of the One Click Link.

Like before, go into Excel where you have your sample and passwords and use Excel formulas to create the respondent links. This time you need to cater for the additional sample field "CustType".

The only way you will feel confident and comfortable with the whole sample and one click link issue in Sawtooth is to get your hands dirty and play around with the features. Do some testing and ask plenty of questions on the forum.
answered Dec 6, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (80,455 points)
edited Dec 6, 2014 by Paul Moon
one-click access to survey