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What to do for one-click access for respondents ?

I will use Sawtooth Web Server Management to upload and distribute my survey. I want respondents to have instant access to the survey after clicking the link I have provided. I dont want them to type any password or click through pages to reach my survey. Therefore I would like to ask what should I do for enabling my respondents to have a one-click instant access to my survey.

Thank you in advance.

asked Dec 5, 2014 by Mir (400 points)
retagged Dec 5, 2014 by Walter Williams

1 Answer

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When in Sawtooth, hit the F1 key and look up "One-Click access to survey".

It has some solid detail regarding this topic.

You will send respondents a survey link like the one below ...


Here's the description from the Sawtooth help ...

If you want respondents to simply click a link that automatically logs them into a survey and supplies their passwords and/or additional "passed-in" data (that you've defined in the passwords table), you should create a URL that links respondents directly to the Perl script located in the cgi-bin directory.  When respondents click such a link to start the survey, they skip the Start page (page 1).  The following text included in an email message starts a survey with a studyname "tep1" located in the "gonzo" study root directory, with password fields named myusername and mypassword, with valid values of "michael" and "A6Z99".

You have 2 options regarding sample fields handling. ...

1/ Merged fields - where you import the sample data into Sawtooth via a CSV import. This will require a password field also (or something that resembles and ID).

2/ Pass-In fields - where you pass sample data via the survey link (like the example above). This will also require a password sample field.

This information should get you started. If you get stuck, post your issues on this forum. Plenty of us chipping in helping out.
answered Dec 5, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (80,235 points)
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