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How can we give a label to the left list & Right list in the Semantic Differential question

We have created a grid type question by using a  Semantic Differential type, but need to label left side list as "Statement A" & Right side list as "Statement B", but not finding any option to include the same. Please help on this
asked Sep 18, 2014 by Ramachandra Rao
What you need is something similar to the the corner label option which is available in a grid question but for both the left and right hand sides of the semantic differential.

This could possibly be a future wish list option within a semantic differential question?
Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply. Could you kindly give us a example how to create a Future wishlist? As we are not aware of this. It would be really helpful.

Thanks once again.

2 Answers

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If you feel you have some good ideas you would like implemented or some improvements/corrections, create a list of these issues (in Excel/Word or simply in an email) and send them through to  Support@SawtoothSoftware.com. The team at Sawtooth are very accommodating.

I've used this method in the past and whilst you may not have every item on your wish list granted, Sawtooth will assess your list and provide feedback.

I guess it all depends on popular demand and the value to other customers of your wish list items.

The worst thing you can do is remain silent.

So I encourage you (and your colleagues) to produce a list that will add value to the Sawtooth software.

Just to finish off, I think your labelling idea is worthy of consideration.
answered Sep 19, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (70,315 points)
And if you desparetely need a solution in the meantime, contact Sawtooth as they maybe able to provide a CSS/HTML solution?
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Would some jQuery such as this do the trick? Try putting this in the footer or somewhere else on the page.

$(".left_label_header").html("Statement A");
$(".right_label_header").html("Statement B");

If you have any wishlist ideas for improvements to the software, just write up what you'd like to see in an e-mail and send it to support@sawtoothsoftware.com, we don't have a particular format or form for it, so just write it however you think best explains what you'd like to see.
answered Sep 19, 2014 by Kenneth Fairchild Bronze Sawtooth Software, Inc. (3,520 points)