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Possible to put quota on quota?


I have a quota question at the beginning of my survey that assigns people randomly to different cells. I'm asking myself, if it is possible to put another quota question on my existing quota to make sure that the respondents in each cell fulfill different criteria. To be more precisely, I would like to make sure that the cells are representative for age, gender and income.

I know that I can put another quota at the beginning that controls for gender, age, income for the whole sample.  But can I do that also for the already created cells?

Thanks in advance!
asked Sep 18, 2014 by Chris Jung

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You can add another quota questions and make part of the new definitions based on the earlier quota question.  For example, if you have a quota question named "Quota1" and you want to track the quotas of that based on the response to say a question called NEW.  I would set up a new quota question called Quota2 and define cells as follows:
cell 1: Quota1=1 And NEW=1
cell 2: Quota1=1 And NEW=2
cell 3: Quota1=2 And NEW=1
cell 4: Quota1=2 And NEW=2
etc, etc.

Hope this helps.
answered Sep 18, 2014 by Jay Rutherford Gold (26,800 points)
Thank you, it works!