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Messy code occurred when exporting data to SPSS

Hi experts

I'm suffering an issue when I export the data to SPSS format. All the characters in my local language (Chinese) become messy code in the SPSS. Furthermore, I cannot export the answers in "Others, please specify" question, I suppose it is caused by the local language as well.

I'm sure my SPSS application has been in Unicode mode, and my SSIWeb version is 7.0.30.

Any help or answer is much appreciated.
asked Sep 4, 2014 by ericdee Bronze (1,805 points)
retagged Dec 3, 2014 by Walter Williams
Spss export is managed by some libraries from IBM. We have tried updating to later libraries and using their newer functions that are supposed to fix this issue but ultimately did not. We keep waiting for them to fix it and when they do then we can. Until then you'll have to do as Paul and Rajesh suggest. Sorry about that. You're not the only one to encounter this. You all need to gang up and let IBM know your troubles.
Thanks, Mike. But is there any way that export all data and verbatim to SPSS syntax file, then we could simply run the syntax and get all data and verbatim in the right characters. Not sure whether it would occur any messy code if to do in this way?
There is no way to do this directly to SPSS from SSI Web.   You probably have the open ends and just cut and paste them in.

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Generally I sent all open end question data in Excel, Multi-country open end response always comes with messy code.

Let's wait for other's experience.
answered Sep 4, 2014 by Rajesh Rana Gold (24,015 points)
I'm the same, I import all verbatims and other specify data into Excel and all coded data goes into the analysis software like SPSS, Surveycraft, etc.
thanks for your comments, I'll try your way.
thanks. seems have to do so.