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Taking least filled quota based on selection

I'm trying to fill (roughly) evenly fill a quota with 3 cells. I know how to implement a simple least fill algorithm (e.g., fill cell 1 if cell 1 is <= cell 2 and <= cell 3), but I also want to fill this quota based on a multiple selection question where respondents can indicate whether they belong to group 1/2/3.

I'd like the logic to operate as: respondents fill the quota for which their selection matches when all quota cells are open; if they select multiple groups, they get assigned to the quota cell that is least full; if they select a group or groups whose quota cells are closed, they get assigned to the least full cell remaining. Many thanks!
asked Sep 3, 2014 by bbedore (210 points)

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It's bit tricky, you need to check this in constructed list. Then you need to check constructed list's first item for assigning brand.

I am going to  explain this with detail example.  Let's say we have Q1 question as multiple select question with 3 options and we had set up Quota "Brand". Now we need to add brand from Q1List based on least fill. I am going to create constructed list "AssignBrand"

Begin Unverified Perl
my $sum1=99999;
my $sum2=99999;
my $sum3=99999;

my @sum_value;
my @sum_min;

if(VALUE('Q1_1')==1 and ISQUOTACELLOPEN('Brand',1) )
if(VALUE('Q1_2')==1 and ISQUOTACELLOPEN('Brand',2) )
if(VALUE('Q1_3')==1 and ISQUOTACELLOPEN('Brand',3) )



End Unverified

For Quota questions, you need to check logic using constructed list first item. So logic would be  ListValue(AssignBrand,1)=1 for cell 1, ListValue(AssignBrand,1)=2 for cell 2 and ListValue(AssignBrand,1)=3 for cell 3.

Let me know for any clarification.
answered Sep 3, 2014 by Rajesh Rana Gold (23,530 points)
selected Sep 4, 2014 by bbedore