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Video playback across all browsers

We have been including more and more videos in our surveys, and are
continually learning about file types and browser compatibility. In an
effort to host our own videos, we use a piece of code called "video for
everyone" which is to accommodate all browsers by using their preferred file
type, and if all else fails, falling back onto flash - if supported. In our
most recent survey we had a large number of respondents tell us that their
video did not play or even show up - most of which were shown to have come
from Netscape 5, according to the SSI capture. Being that Netscape 5.0 never
appears to have come to market, we cannot download this browser to test or
duplicate the problem, making it impossible to troubleshoot.

An important thing to note is this: We had two videos in this last survey,
one from an earlier survey which was exported through different software and
was, at the very least, a different resolution this the new one. Each
respondent would only see one of the two. The new one had numerous comments
about not being able to see the video, where as the old export, with the
users of the same browser type, did not have any playback issues and appear
to have watched the video without issue.

All that being said, we have two questions that we were hoping you might be
able to help with.

1. Any idea what browser Netscape 5.0 would be? This is what is
showing up in the data file for browser type.
2. Do you know of any browser limitations regarding file
a. We found out in the survey before last that iPhone's and iPad's
will only support videos as big as 640x480
asked Jul 23, 2014 by anonymous

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