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CBC/HB Error while attempting to read the header line

From the start I need to mention, that I use the software as an academic license at my campus, which maybe make things a little bit more difficult.

After downloading my data collected in SSI Web via Adminmodul ( as *.csv) I import them into my local SSI Web an export them as CBC Type via Data Management (following this: Clicking "Download Data" above will allow you to save the CBCdata.csv file to your local computer. You will then need to use the "Data Management" dialog within SSI Web to "Accumulate" the data so that it can be exported.)
This exportes the design and the response data (when chosing File Format Dual Format CSV to use Dual None Response) as *.csv

Now I want to import those two files into the CBC/HB Modul with the Dual CSV Option and chose the created design and response data. Additionally I chose the discrete choice Response Type and the Dual None Option I used, but always get the following error message: Error attempting to read the header line.

Here is an extract of both header lanes. Thought there are still the commas in the original file and no points (...), just wanted to make it readable und show that this is only a short abstract. The Version and Task only continues with 1, the rest follows the balanced overlap randomization.  If needed I can send the original files (not public) if you can help me fix the problem.

Version (0 = Fixed Task)    Task    Concept    Preismodell    Vertragsbindung    Stromlieferant    Strommix    Zahlungsart
0    1    1    3    4    1    4    3
0    1    2    1    3    2    3    1
0    1    3    2    5    3    1    2
1    1    1    1    5    3    2    1
1    1    2    3    2    1    2    3
1    1    3    5    3    2    3    2
sys_RespNum    Version    cbc_Fixed1    cbc_Fixed1_none    cbc_Random1    cbc_Random1_none    cbc_Random2    cbc_Random2_none ...
1    1    2    1    1    1    2    1...
3    3            3    1       
4    4    3    1    3    1    2    2
6    6    1    1    3    1    1    1
7    7    1    1    3    1    3    2

Thank you in advance for your help!
asked Jul 17, 2014 by Manuel
Are you opening the files in anything prior to opening them in CBC/HB?

If you have CSV exporting, then you should be on version 8 of SSI Web.  If you are on a somewhat recent iteration of version 8, you should be able to run the CBC/HB estimation from inside of SSI Web via the analysis menu.  This will save some time, should clean up this problem, and also provide you with a better utility report than CBC/HB outputs.  Upgrading is a free upgrade for you, you'll just need to head to the Support -> Downloads page from our website.

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Not sure what your problem is yet.  My only thought so far is to check within CBC/HB software, under Edit + Preferences that your locale is set to "English-United States" for reading CSV files as comma-separated.    You said your two .csv files indeed had commas.  But, CBC/HB software might look at your Windows settings for locale and if you are outside the US think that your .CSV files should have semi-colons in them, for instance.

If that's not the trouble, I would send your two files into support@sawtoothsoftware.com and take it up with our support group.
answered Jul 17, 2014 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (174,215 points)
I didnt know that the analysis options inside the SSI Web are the same as in the CBC/HB Modul. Guess I followed the instructions a little too exact without looking at the possibilities already given.

I upgraded now and the CBC/HB anaysis inside SSI Web is working!

Thank you very much for your fast and competent answer!
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Hi Manuel,

I tried to import my data into CBC/HB as well and now calculated them within SSI Web. But it is possible to add some new variables as covariates? Do you use covariates at all? I would recommend.
I would like to contact you personally but canĀ“t see your email...
Would be nice if you could catch up with me...

My adress is j.gamel@wz-straubing.de

My research could be interesting for you as well. It hits into the same direction.

Cheers, Johannes
answered Sep 16, 2014 by Hansson (270 points)