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Export to SPSS Query

We have exported partial sample of say sample size of 1000, if we received 100 more records and when we start to export it, SSI process the whole 1100 records again and exporting it. This method consumes lot of time. Is there any simple procedure.
asked Jun 23, 2014 by anonymous

2 Answers

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It might not support this kind of function.
answered Sep 5, 2014 by ericdee Bronze (1,800 points)
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You can define filters in Sawtooth within the Data Management menu option. If you look in your Export Data option you have defined, you will see a Filter button which says "Respondents to Include" above it.

You can define filters, segments, etc. and save the commonly used ones.

I'm not sure this will save you a lot of time exporting but it's worth a try? At least it will only export the records you need on the 2nd run, 3rd run, etc.

In older versions of Sawtooth, this feature was not available which Eric is referring to.
answered Sep 5, 2014 by Paul Moon Platinum (70,315 points)