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How to make response required in free format question


I have some free format  HTML based questions. I would like to make responses required for these questions.  Is there a way to do so? I know that there is a button in other type of questions that you can indicate whether a response is required. I do need to have a similar feature in these free format questions. Any suggestions/ help would be  much appreciated!

asked Jun 11, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

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When you add a variable in a free format question, the window that opens and you select the question type that variable will be also gives you the same option to require a response or not.  If you double click on any variable you have created already you should see that option.  Otherwise, if you don't have it selected to be required you would need to use the Advanced button to add code to the Custom Javascript Verification based on the condition you want.  If you always want it answered then use the first option I mentioned.
answered Jun 11, 2014 by Jay Rutherford Gold (34,855 points)
Hi Jay,

I use a hidden variable. When I click on the variable I see no such option. I use version 8.3.2.
Jay is correct. Open the free format question and click on the Variables / Question HTML tab.  Under the variable names window, you will have a list of variables or question names displayed. Double click on any of these and you will see the "required response" tick box appear.
Yes, I realised that it is only letting me do so if the variable is  anything but not "hidden" type. So, I changed the type of variable to do so.
It makes sense to not have this option when hidden is selected because hidden free format questions are not shown to the respondent, and hence, their input is removed from the equation.
Requiring response for free format questions