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CBC data combination with other data

The survey I have designed with SSI web has CBC questions as well as some demographical ones. I am able to download the date in separate files (CBC data in .cho format) and just a summary of answers to demographical questions (can be opened in excel).

Afterwards I could use the SMRT software to calculate different MNL models, but these models are only based on the answers to the CBC questions. How could I use SMRT to get create models where both answers to CBC question and demographical information are combined?
asked Jun 6, 2014 by Monika

1 Answer

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Usually, most folks will focus on CBC/HB analysis of CBC data (individual-level utility scores).  The process I'd suggest is:

1.  Compute individual-level utilities via our CBC/HB software.  This creates a .hbu file containing the utilities and attribute labels.

2.  Start a new SMRT project.  Click Analysis + Run Manager + Import to browse to the .hbu file and import the utility run.

3.  From SSI Web, export the demographic information (to .csv) you wish to use as filters or banner points for the conjoint analysis.

4.  Within SMRT, use File + Merge Variables to merge those segmentation variables into the SMRT project and to use as filters and banner points within the market simulator.  Now, run the market simulator and see the "banner points" option in the upper left-hand corner of the simulator dialogs.
answered Jun 6, 2014 by Bryan Orme Platinum Sawtooth Software, Inc. (152,955 points)